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  • Are you too busy to sport? Tired? Don’t feel up to it? This is something we all recognize. When you work hard, have an active social life and a relationship or a family, working out is not your main priority. But at the same time we all want to be healthy and in shape and look good. But that isn’t easy, or is it?

    With Miha Bodytec you can complete a three-hour workout in just 20 minutes! It has proven to be eighteen times more effective compared to a normal workout.

    Located in the center of Rotterdam, Balance can offer you this technology as one of the first in the Netherlands. From now on you can get in shape during your lunch break!

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  • How does it work

    Miha Bodytec works through Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS). This has been a proven method used by doctors, physical therapists and professional athletes for decades. Now it is available for everyone in the Netherlands. EMS uses electrical stimulation through electrodes that send electrical pulses to your muscles. This high impulse frequency activates over 90% of your muscles at the same time. This makes for a much more intensive way of using your muscles than during a normal workout. Each contraction is stronger and more intense: With EMS you train 18 times more effective than you would have during a normal work out. The electrical stimulation also stimulates more, and deeper, muscle groups. Making the muscles experience more resistance, which means they have to work harder. The Low Impact activation makes sure your muscles are doing the work while relieving your joints. This means an effective but safe way of working out without the risk of overstraining or injuries. What makes EMS unique is the ability to regulate the intensity of the work out for each muscle or individual separately. This makes EMS suitable for all shapes and ages. Having the ability to train exactly what you want when you want. A custom training for everyone!

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  • The Miha Bodytec machine is connected to a vest that contains electrodes around the upper-, side- and lower back, the abdomen and chest area. Next there are a hip belt that stimulates the buttocks and pads for the arm- and leg muscles.
    The electrodes won’t be applied directly to the skin, but on undergarments comparable to comfortable thermo-underwear. During the workout you will undertake a series of different exercises that, with the help of the electrodes, will put your muscles through a more intense training.
    You have a number of options during this workout. You can complete the training under guidance of a trainer or on your own with the help of the explanations on the Bodytec machine. You can also choose to do cardio-exercises on a cross trainer or bike. Whichever training you choose, the workout will only take 20 minutes, after which the body has been trained with the intensity of a three-hour workout. For an optimum result you only have to train twice a week!

  • Immediately after the first workout with Miha Bodytec you will feel the difference: the endorphins rush through your body, you will start to notice the difference and your muscles are more activated then ever. After a day or two you might get some muscle aching, this is completely normal. The first physical results with Miha Bodytec will be noticeable after six sessions: your weight and body fat will decrease, muscles become more pronounced, strength and stamina will improve, back pains subside, body contours and troublesome areas get more pronounced and your overall mental and physical wellbeing will improve. Fast and tangible success! But take this in account: Miha Bodytec is not a quick fix with lasting results. For an optimum result you will have to keep training but twice per week is enough!
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Training with Miha Bodytec is available for everyone. Depending on your own personal goals the training can be fully customized to reach this result.

  • Hardworking professional

    Are you a hardworking professional who wished to stay healthy and in shape but can’t find the time to work out? Than Miha Bodytec is an effective method to reach your goals without wasting any time. You can do your entire workout in less than a lunch break! This makes it ideal for people who are less into working out: in only 20 minutes you will be on your way.

  • Athletic achievement

    Do you have a special athletic achievement you wish to reach, but started your workout to late? Miha Bodytec helps you to get into shape in no time, enabling you to perform for that Rotterdam Marathon or Alpe d’Huez! Want to reach that perfect beach body this summer? Miha Bodytec is your quick and easy solution.

  • Lose weight

    Want to lose weight but normal workouts don’t get the results you wish for? Miha Bodytec can help you out. Thanks to the electrical stimulation the metabolism increases which makes your body burn through those fat cells faster making you lose weight. Focusing the workout on specific muscle groups enables you to focus the work out on the area you wish to see results like the hips or behind. All of that in less than 40 minutes a week!

  • 65+

    Are you 65+ and want to stay in shape and live a healthy life? Miha Bodytec can help you out. Research has shown that elderly with lower back problems have booked very positive results after working out with Miha Bodytec: 80% experienced fewer lower back problems of which 30% was completely pain free within six weeks! The workout can be adjusted to your level and shape entirely!

  • Athlete

    Are you an Athlete who wants an effective extension to your normal work out? With Miha Bodytec you can focus on exactly the extra strength, speed or endurance you needed! Thanks to specific adjustments for all muscles you train exactly what you want to train.

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What happens if you work out with Miha Body for three months, twice a week for 20 minutes? The effects of Miha Bodytec in an overview:

  • -Individual workouts with muscle group specific stimulation that help you achieve your goals.

    -Activating your muscle fibers with the help of electro stimulation, a Miha Bodytec exclusive technology. This makes Miha Bodytec 18 times more effective.

    -The Miha Bodytec machine controls the amount of resistance your muscles undergo, this allows everybody to train on their own level.

    -The low impact activation ensures you only stress the muscles and not the joints and nerves which lowers the chances of injuries.

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  • -Miha Bodytec increases your muscle control and increases body strength, which allows you to be more effective in daily live.

    -Miha Bodytec stimulates the blood flow and metabolism, which increases the burn of calories and reduces the bodyweight.

    -Enhances the skin tone and body contours, which makes you look healthier and fitter.

    -Healthier, fitter and better in your own body: physically and mentally, without the extra time!


  • Balance Bodytec is paid per person or session.

  • The prices are explained in the schematics below:

    – Miha Bodytec session starting from     15,- (per session, per person)

    - Miha Bodytec try-out                      5,- (per session, per person)



    1. Package 10 sessions 250,-

    2. Package subscription 1 session a week 90,- a month

    3. Package subscription 2 sessions a week 170,- a month

    4. Package subscription 3 sessions a week 240,- a month



  • Want to make sure you can do your Miha Bodytec workout on the time you want? Then make a reservation by phone or email. Balance has two Miha Bodytec machines, so only through an reservation you are ensured of a spot.


  • Questions about Balance Bodytec, the work out or Electro Muscular Stimulation? Contact us through the contact form or mail us directly at info@balancebodytec.nl. You can also call us on 0657-613433.

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